Raja Haru Heet Temple

Raja Haru Heet temple is around more than 200 years old, in this temple King Samar Singh and Raja Haru Heet are worshiped in the form of god. It is said one who wishes here with a true heart her/his desire are fulfilled.


There is tunnel (which is closed now) from the temple which meets at Hansidug near Ramganga River, this tunnel was used to bring water for the King and the King used it for going for bath.

How to reach

From Delhi reach Ramnagar (Jim corbett) which is around 270 km, from there heading straight towards Muhan then taking left towards Pauri-Marchula road and taking a first U-turn (after around 9 km) on that highway will lead to village Harada Maulekhi.
Village Harada is around 300km from Delhi. After then 14 km of trekking will lead to Raja Haru Heet temple.


There are many love stories which are famous among people, but there are more than many which are just restricted to a small region and some are just engraved in books. One of such love story is of Raja Haruheet and Malu Rauteli of Uttrakhand.


Samar Singh was king of Gujdu Kot Talli Salt (Almora), he had seven sons.
His sons became arrogant due to their property and wealth. They started looting innocent people and harassing them. So People cursed all seven son to die and their women to become sterile, God listened them and all seven son died and their father Samar Singh died in shock. Then in their home a baby boy took birth named Raja Haru Heet Singh Bisht (the eighth son of Samar Singh). He had all the qualities of King from the beginning, one day he realised no one works in his farm and farms are dried up. Then he went to ask his mother about his father and how his seven brother died. She told the whole story, then he went to farmers and told them to start farming again. His fields were full again, so he went to express his gratitude and said to search bride for him as his mother and sister in laws were getting older. Enemies thought of taking advantage of this and went to his seven sister in laws to tell that if Raja Haru Heet will marry then his wife will rule and you’ll be treated as slaves. In the provocation all seven women left home and started giving abuse to Haru Heet. There were two famous fighter Hama Dhama who had herds of buffalo at Chanikhet, where those women went and told her story to them, and they both took all seven women with them where they were enjoying milk products, and the other side Haru Heet was in deep stress in search of them, then he went to villagers to ask, they guided him that his sister in laws went to Chanikhet, villagers requested him not to go there or else both brothers will kill him. He reached Chanikhet and joined his hand and requested both brothers to give the seven women back, they refused and invited him to fight. He fought but he lost and they left him die. Then Haru Heet comes in his mother’s dream where she fed him milk and then he suddenly came alive and again fought with those brothers and killed them, later he took his sister in laws back home, where they said if you have courage then go to Bhot country the land of black magic to marry Malu Rauteli. He decided to go Bhot desh, after crossing rivers and hills at a temple he met Malu Rauteli who got impressed by him and took him with her by hiding him and keeping him in the form of bee. Her father Kalu Sauk got news that she had kept Haru Heet with her secretly so he got angry and then Haru Heet came openly to fight him and his soldiers. He won and took Malu Rauteli with him to Gujdu Kot. One day he went to Bhabhar with his goats, taking advantage of this his seven sister in laws pushed Malu Rauteli into lake and she drowned. Malu came in Haru Heet’s dream and tells the truth about her death. In anger Haru Heet kill his all seven sister in laws and requested her mother to die so that before his own death he can do crimination of her mother, after that he also burn himself into death.
This is how a sad love story came into an end.



Reaching to Raja Haru Heet temple itself is a task because it is difficult to go and come back on same day, and above that there is accommodation problem because there is no hotel in nearby area of around 20 Km.


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Check out Raja Haru Heet Mandir Luhera
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(Special thanks to Mr. Pankaj Maulekhi for arranging a visit and for the accommodation in his home.)


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