Poe​m: I am on my own

I am on my own

I made friends
Different religion and different trends
Expectation nothing on high rate

Because I am already eaten by fate

Today when I am all alone
Stressed and low on tone
I am feeling dizzy
Glass of coke is fizzy
Walking through sand with empty hand
Searching for solution

Away from pollution

I am on my own (2)

With those I spent time
They forgot the chime
The song we sung together
Promises of being bonded forever
Those long drives
Always on the strong side
So many hands I hold

Now all left me in cold

I am on my own (2)

I fought my parents
But they were always with me apparent
My mums sleepless night

When I was with others to prove myself right

Those who use to praise
Have started criticising my phase
It took me long to understand
For them Relationship was a game

But this was out of my brain

I am own my own (2)



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