Haridwar: The gateway to God

Haridwar is a district in Uttrakhand state which is around 220 km from Delhi. It is the place where river Ganges enters in plane region of northern India after travelling 250 km from its origin Gaumukh (Gangotri glacier).


Haridwar is ancient and one of the sacred city of India. This place is perfect to understand the hindu culture and rituals and that’s what attract people to visit this place.

The famous saying about Haridwar is “If you want to purify your soul from all the sins take a dip in holy water of Ganges at Haridwar.”


From the name itself the relevance of place is clear, Hari-dwar where ‘Hari’ means God ‘Dwar’ means gate which combines and form Haridwar the gateway to god.

There are four holy temples Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath on the hills which are known as Chardham so the devotees go to these temples via Haridwar which add to importance of their journey. It is said that Haridwar is blessed by the presence of all three major Hindus god Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. The devotees of all three major god come here first, pray and then go to the respective temples of their god on hills.


Early morning (aarti) prayer of Goddess Ganga at Haridwar is heartwarming. Devotees singing aarti all together, Echoing sound of conch and temple bells, reflection of burning flames from prayer plate, flowing ganga river and the dawn of rising sun gives positive vibrations.

Ganga Aarti Haridwar Video:



Legend behind the place:

There was a king named Bhagirath his 60,000 ancestors were burnt into ashes due to the curse of saint Kapil. The only way to make their souls reach to heaven was to wash their ashes with holy water because holy water is powerful to lift the soul from the curse which they were bound by. So king Bhagirath requested godess Ganga to help him, goddess Ganga said if she come to earth her flow will submerge the earth for long. Then to control the flow, the king Bhagirth did strict penance to lord shiva, who agreed to control the flow of goddess Ganga. As Goddess Ganga descends to earth Lord Shiva stood beneath it and hold the river into his dreadlocks and then release it washing the ashes and made king Bhagirth’s ancestors free from the curse.

And from then this ritual is been followed by Hindu people to flush the ashes of dead people in Ganga to make dead ones soul free from the sins.


Nectar (Amrit) was one of the 14 important ornaments which originated during sea churning (samudra manthan) and was sprinkled at 12 places in the entire universes out of which 4 places are on earth and remaining 8 are on heaven. Harki-pauri in Haridwar is one of the place and that’s why everyday thousands of pilgrims take dip into holy river Ganges.

360 degree view of Haridwar

Check out Shri Laxmi Naryana Mandir

Shared via the #StreetView app



Note: For legends and historical events these website given below were reffered



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