​ Science city

There are different ways to learn and get educated, schooling is the basic and the initial step to learn which opens the other ways to get educated. Parents are the one who can mould their kids in the direction of learning by enlightening the interest in them.Now a days there are several sources of learning and among all E-learning is the best one. What if E-learning is followed by intractable and practical learning, I think that is quickest possible way to learn and get educated. For such a kind of learning there required a place where atmosphere of learning should be present which increases the intrest and fun with least boredom.Science city is among one such place.

It is situated in Pubjab at Jalandhar-Kapurthala road called Pushpa Gujral science city.

The campus is huge. Parking space big enough to accommodate large numbers of people.

Entering from Ticket counter on right side there is science voyage hall. Planetarium inside gives a good brief about the universe, there are models of astronaut, space vehicles, rocket and other astronomy related important stuffs.

3D Simulator

One can get information about the components by the press of a switch which glows the light indicating the specific component of astronomical body and will provide you information on speakers.

There are some concepts which are well explained through working models like how plane fly, what is gravitational force and frictional force.


Walking ahead in the campus there is science explorium inside, on ground floor sports arena which makes aware with different sports and games around the globe and the technology used in.

Sports Arena

On second floor biological awareness information and the human system basics (respiratory system, neuro system, digestive system, eye sight etc) are elaborated though different interactive means.

Fighter plane

Then walking through park where fighter plane model, a broke down tank and swings are there, an a lake where boating can be done and beside the lake Dino park which takes to generations back in the era of dinosaurs.

Dino park

There are much more to see there, a day out at Science is really informative.


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