​ Poem: I’m coming home

I feel I am running
But this is good fait which is coming
Found no one there
I’ve to set here
Success I’ll hound
Time will heal all the wound
I'm coming home (2)
Eyes filled with tears
But dont have any fear
To survive and reach hieght have to fight back
Thats what told my homie jack
I’ll Keep goin
Like 747-Boeing
I ain’t listen anyone now
Let people think how
I'm coming home (2)
I drag my family to hell
Now my mind is ringing bell
Home is my dwell
I know the society well
This time no presumption
Time for redemption
No depression
Good impression
The place where I born
I myself is souvenir in right form
I'm coming home (2)
Heart is beating hard of the course
I am coming close with full force
Rope of trust is taking me back home
Where down will not be my dome
I’ll never be alone
Got loved ones back bone
I'm coming home (2)
Time to take stand
For the homies for the land
Everything have a price
Lets follow the sun rise
Deep inside the morning shine
A little struggle will make things fine
I'm coming home (2)

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