Rasulpur is a small village near the bank of Mahi river around 7 km from Savli District and 40 Km from Vadodara city, Gujarat.
From Sama-savli road Vadodara towards Dumad chowkadi taking turn to SH158 which takes directly to Savli district and after some miles a left turn to Rasulpur village.
Mahi river is one of the three west flowing river (Tapti river and Narmada river) in India. Mahi river rise in Madhya pradesh then flowing a short distance from Rajasthan reaches to Gujarat and completing around total of 580 Km merges in Arabian Sea.
Rasulpur is not a proper tourist place, folks from nearest city Vadodara and the students from the nearby college come here for hangout.
The place like Gujarat where summers comes up with extreme heat, that’s why sand and rocks here are so hot that no one can walk on them barefoot but then when you enter in water all the heat goes away.
The chilled, crystal clear and clean flowing water beats the heat. Playing with water here is fun and the beautiful location add on to the enjoyment.
There are some construction work going around now and some resorts are also opened which conduct adventure activities like zip lining and much more.
Flow of water here fluctuates and the rocky surface is bit of a danger. Some tragic events also happened there, two students were drown in back 2015, so always stay safe when you go to places which are not declared as a tourist place by government.
Rasulpur is a nice place although, there is not much to do there but one can spend some time with friends at the bank of river and can enjoy a long drive fron city to Rasulpur.

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