JAGESHWAR: Lord Shiva’s winter home

Jageshwar dham is a Hindu pilgrimage around 411 Km from Delhi, at Uttrakhand, district Almora, Kumaon region in the Jataganga River valley.

Jataganga River is form by two streams Nandini and Surabhi which meets at Jageshwar.

The place is covered by Deodar forest all around and in the centre there is an area consist of 124 different temples associated with lots of folk lore.


Archaeological survey of India (ASI) states that these temples are constructed between 9th to 13th century AD.

This place is well known for Monsoon festival (Shivratri Mela and the Shravan Mela) held during mid-July to August according to Hindu calendar.

There is an accreditation about this place that Lord Shiva became happy with worship of mankind so he awake (जागृत) here that’s why this place is a called Jageshwar.


It is been said that still lord Shiva and Parvati goddess are present on two large stems of length 62.80 meters and 8.10 meters diameter of Deodar tree.


There is an ancestral statute made by King Deep Chand and Pavan Chand, the hands of statue is in fire from indefinite age and it is also been said that slowly the statue will bury inside the earth and the time when all of the statue will bury inside then there will be doomsday.


Shivling of Mahamritunjaya temple is having a scar which depicts third eye of Shiva and it is said that in ancient days those who did prayer in this temple their all good and bad solicits were fulfilled by the god, then later in eighteen century Aadi Sankaracharya came and nailed the scar to prevent from taking advantage of it by others.

Praying Lingha (an iconic representation of Hindu deity Lord Shiva) is originated from this place only, Lord Shiva himself made a Lingha here for prayer and this place is one of the site out of 12 Jyotirlinghas.


Once lord shiva was meditating at Dandeshwar near Jageshwar, wives of Shapt Rishi saw him and fainted which caused a doubt in the mind of saints and they cursed Lord Shiva without knowing the fact, due to which Lord Shiva got angry and cursed them back that they’ll be hanging in the sky for eternity.


Jageshwar is also salient centre of Lakulish tribe. In 1960 an ancient statue of Lakulish tribe was missing, which then was found in American Metropolitan Museum of Art and was been retrieved by Indian government and kept it at its respective place.


Jungle full of deodar trees followed by Jataganga River and Himalaya sight makes an astonishing view and a perfect spot for meditation. You can hear the flowing water, birds chirping, and the whispering sound of wind. The place is so peaceful, air is so fresh and warm it gives sense of positivity in thought.Such places add meaning to life, time spend there have a different impact on life. And this is why saints preferred to come here in this place.


The historical data studied from websites mentioned below:




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