​ Delhi to Mumbai

Delhi to Mumbai road trip is always have feelings of being connected to something. There is something common between the people of two metropolitan having different living style, culture, slang and may be there is much more which defines desimilarities between them. But this road trip can make a difference.

It’s not about Delhites and Mumbaikers, it’s about union of two culture, two people with hard work in common.
Living in hustle surviving for livelihood of them and their families is the similarity.
Delhi-Jaipir Highway
Starting from Delhi towards Delhi-Jaipur highway, Gurgaon and Manesar show there existence by creating traffic due to ever going constructions and a toll with no system. If you in smaller vehicle try to reach toll from left side or else these truckers can keep you busy for long.
Tunnel somewhere in Rajasthan
After all this a good stretch can be seen but still you’ll have the sense that roads are rule by heavy vehicles all night.
Toll road
By passing Jaipur towards Ajmer, roads are properly maintained and well constructed. Sirohi a slightly different route to reach Gujarat if want to skip Udaipur.
Passing by Abu road then Palanpur entering Mehsana saying bye to Rajasthan in early morning with the dawn you’ll be welcomed into dry state by Gujarat police for routine checking.
Roads of Gujarat in noontime bluff people by creating mirage phenomenon, the tarmac is so smooth and well maintain that you’ll not feel to put up your foot from gas.
Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway
Ahmedabad-Vadodara expressway of 100 Kms add to driving pleasure. NH-8 then directly takes you to Surat then valsad then vapi and in the end to Mumbai.
Mumbai city entrance
You’ll have the feeling of been entering to metropolitan city by the traffic, more you go in more you’ll face. It all ends well at the sea coast by the massive tides of Arabian sea welcoming you to Mumbai at Juhu beach the heart of Mumbai.
Juhu Beach
Huge buildings, under constructing sites, alert police, bit of a communism and over crowded places this all not is Mumbai, people coming there from different cites not just for employment, but for bollywood to become stars. Party is in the air of Mumbai.
This journey of around 1600 km maybe tiring but it’ll definitely take you to different culture, Language, dressing style and food of different states Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Mumbai and in the end of the day it teaches you humanity.

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