Pushkar: The king of pilgrimage

Pushkar is a town in Ajmer district of state Rajasthan. Ajmer city is around 410 km from Delhi, it takes almost 9 to 10 hours to reach there by road. NH-48 straight away takes to Ajmer city from Delhi.


Lake is having 52 ghats

The legend of Pushkar is once the creator Lord Brahma was in search of place to perform a Mahayagya. When he was passing from forest of Pushkar suddenly trees started showering flower on him and welcomed him. With this Lord Brahma became happy and ask them to ask for a boon. Trees demanded his presence on that land for ever, so Lord Brahma gave them the boon and decided to perform Mahayagya there.

After long time Lord Brahma came to know about that a demon Vajranash who were killing and disturbing people there, so Lord Brahma chanted a mantra on Lotus flower and killed the demon. During this process parts of flower fell on three places , where spring emerged creating three lakes which are then called Jyaistha pushkar lake, madhya pushkar lake and Kanistha pushkar lake.

Brahma temple (The temple of the creator)

Later to protect the Yagna from demons Lord Brahma created high hills covering the Pushkar which act as sentries and deities were posted. Nilgiri hill in north, Suryagiri hill in east, Ratnagiri in south and Sonchoora in west.

During yagna it was mandatory to give ahuti by the wife of the one who is performing the yagna, but Goddess Savitri was found no where and the auspicious time was running out, so Lord Brahma made a Gurjar girl to sit beside him as his wife and make her give ahuti. Later Goddess Savitri appeared who been to placate Goddess Laxmi and Parvati as Lord Brahma forgot to invite them in Mahayagna. With this act of Lord Brahma, Goddess Savitri became angry and cursed Lord Brahma that he’ll be worshipped only in Pushkar and no where else. And then after Goddess Savitri went to Ratnagiri hill and became part of it. A spring comes out from that hill where Godess Savitri merged and is called Savitri jharna.

Pushkar lake

According to Hindus scriptures Pushkar lake is called “tirth raj” the king of pilgrimage. Its is been said taking bathe in this lake cleans sins and cure skin diseases.

Apart from the religious significance, there are lots of history associated with this lake.


Ninth century Rajput king Nahar Rao Parihar went for hunt and he stop by Pushkar lake to quench his thrust, he dipped his hands and he was astonished to see that the Leukoderma marks on his hand disappeared. He was impressed by this miracle, so he restored the lake.

Another story says 10th sikh guru, Guru Govind Singh have recited the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh sacred text) on the banks of the lake.


Pilgrim Places of India by Prabhat Prakashan


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