Khatkar Kalian: Bhagat singh’s ancestral place


Punjab had played important role in freedom of our country India. There were lots revolutionaries specially youth who took part to free the country from the clinges of British government. Some stories are told and some are untold for ever during the struggle for freedom. These museums are what makes them alive in our heart and educate us about the struggle been done for us to live the life in beautiful air of freedom. One of such museum is at Khatkar Kalian in Nawanshahr District of Punjab.


Khatkar Kalian is around 350 km from Delhi and it takes around 7 hours to reach there. In Khatkar Kalian there is museum of martyr Bhagat Singh. Museum is not much big in area but it cover mostly all the revolutionaries who were linked with revolution for the independence of the country. Some of belongings, pictures and documents of Bhagat Singh are preserved. There are lots of photographs of Bhagat Singh and his comrades,  pen used by the executioner to sign the death sentence is also in display. Half burnt bones and blood stained newspapers on which they were collected are in display too. At one corner there is plan model for the extension of museum. At the entrance entry is been done for the records and just beside the gate there is small book store where books related to life of Bhagat Singh can be availed. Photography is prohibited and there is no entry fee. Museum campus is covered with greenery trees, grasses etc.


Some distance away around 1 km behind the museum after railway crossing there is ancestral house of martyr Bhagat Singh. Some of stuff belonging to the house is been preserved


Bhagat singh’s fore father and his grandfather use to stay in Khatkhar khalan but after the end of the 19th century, the Punjab Government colonise the forest area and declared that every coloniser would be awarded 25 acres of free land so the family of Arjun singh (grand father of Bhagat singh) migrated to Banga in 1897.


Museum Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee: Free

Museum Closed On: Every Monday & Gazetted Holidays

Photography Rules: Prohibited

Website for reference


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