Poem: I don’t wanna grow up

Twinkle star in the sky

I was a kid dream was to fly

Every day there was new ambition

If I see plane I wanted to become pilot

If I see rainbow my favorite turns violet

People around use to tweak my cheeks

Which use to take happiness to peaks

Drenching in rain was fun

Excitement was to see the rising sun

Mother’s hands on my hand

Love was so deep my skin never got tanned

Waiting for dad

Running behind his scooter was not bad

Ice-cream was the childhood demand

Dad use to get me without any remand

Every evening was long

Listening to the bird song

Running and falling in park

Playing in the ocean like shark

But now I don’t have time to stare that beautiful sky

No sweet teachers in front of I can shy

All ambitions are died

To maintain status now with money I am tied

Cheeks are now covered with dirty beard

Trimming them, I feared

Because innocent faces are cheated

That’s how good are treated

Dad has sold his scooter bought me a car

He commute by public transport

Irrespective of knowing his office is far

Ice-cream is replaced by beer

Today speaking to dad I fear

Bird songs are banned

I want to again hold my mother’s hand

Love and care is still there

It’s in the silence we share

Generation gap has made a wall

And that’s what making me fall

DISCRIPTION: Poem is elaborating how maturity is taking over innocence.


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