Poem: In a lost world

Everyone running

Life is turning

Standing alone in the path

Things going fast

People don’t have time to listen

Anger is taking them to prison

Hunger for more and more

Making relationship sore and sore

For wealth humanity is on stake

Why don’t everyone understand all this is fake

Earning money is not the big deal

Earning heart should be the zeal

Quantity is priority

Quality is been compromise

Look at your girlfriend or your wife

Throw away the knife

Just slow down for while

See the beautiful smile

And the oceanic eyes

Where love is limitless like the skies

Log out from those data centre

Get up from your desk

Let the blood flow with the zest

Surprise your loved ones

Make them alive

DESCRIPTION: Here poem is concentrating on every person who goes in morning for job and come to home late and unable to spend time with his/her beautiful family. Now a days people are stuck in their daily routine running behind money and are lost in this hustle.

Let’s don’t waste time on hating people

Start spending time on loving people



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