Poem: Fear in the sky


In this poem pilot is narrating his story who loves his job and follow the every day flight routine, but one day a catastrophe occur in the sky, stabilizer got jammed. He fight back for his every last breath and survived.


A beautiful dark morning

Sun was not in mood to horn in

Snow was hailing

White MD-80 was ready for sailing

This bird was different than others

Twin rear mounted engines were like brothers


Navy blue suit and a white shirt with gold stripe

Completing the perfect pilot tribe

Heading inside the cockpit

Warm smile of a beautiful girl

Always a positive whirl


Flight checklist fold in

Two Pratt and Whitney engines roll in

V1 speed on air strip

Gear up was the command

Full throttle was the demand

Turbulence in flight

Taking 30 degree right

Flying rough

Things getting tough

Altitude was decreasing

Inside cabin was freezing


Maintaining flight level 300 was the call

Feeling down draft we about to fall

Every alarm was ringing

The airliner was sinking

Airhostess announce for the brace position

Head down bend forward was the act for the situation

Feelin of being  chosen was in the mind

Things going odd

Lets face this rather than blaming god


Stabilizer got stuck

Nose down like duck

Hydraulics was lost

Flap was full, have to control it at any cost


May day is what ATC heard

But no one watching the falling bird

Both the engine failed

We on no power like a prisoner in the jail

We were Just gliding

Touch down and sliding


We thought we Doomed

But we survived

This taught me every morning is special

Fighting for every last breath of life is always crucial



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