Ramnagar is more known as Jim Corbett national park because the national park is very famous around the country for lions but ahead of it around 13 km there is temple called Garjiya Devi temple.


Garjiya Devi temple is around 265 km from Delhi. NH 24 takes directly to Moradabad and from there Kashipur and then Ramnagar. Till Moradabad roads are four lane and have three toll plaza in between, later Kashipur road is poorly constructed and is having single lane till Ramnagar.

Way from Ramnagar to Garjiya temple is having forest all around and wild animals can be seen.


Temple is situated on a hill in the middle of Kosi river. To reach the top of hill stairs are made and to reach at the middle of river small bridge is constructed. Below the temple god Bhairav temple and god Shiva cave is made and devotees also pray there after coming down from the temple.


Garjiya is incarnation of goddess Parvati. There are lots of mythologies about this temple. It is said during flood god Bhairav saw this temple flowing down with hill so he requested goddess Garjiya to stay there, from that time Garjiya Devi is staying in this place called Dhikuli.


Mainly devotees come during the time of Kartik Purnima.

Newly married woman come to this temple to pray for long age of their married life and some come with desire for child.


The panoramic view from the temple is breath taking. Kosi river surrounded by jungle and middle of it the hill on which a temple, the location is one of natures wonder.


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