DEHRADUN-MUSSOORIE: Not a weekend escape

Life in Delhi is fast, from morning to evening people are in rush, weekend is the only hope for relaxation and spend time with family. Spending time means an escape from city. Places near Delhi are Nainital, Rishikesh, Mussoorie and Shimla where one can go and come within the weekend time limit. But the main question lies, are these places worth going during weekends.

In this article we’ll try to find out the answer with reference to Musoorie.

Mussoorie is around 285 km from Delhi and is called queen of hills. The main attraction is 14 km from Mussoorie called Kamty fall.


Kampty fall is waterfall where people gather take bath and enjoy the beauty of location, same was done by Britishers during 1835. John Mekinan developed this place as tourist destination, they use to camp there and sit around for tea hence called camp-tea fall.


From road there is a narrow space (sometimes not visible) for way down through stairs and even ropeway facility is there which cost ₹120 per head to and fro. In front of waterfall there is small bridge and other two sides are surrounded by shops which sell food and provide lockers and changing facilities.

Just a little distance away there is resort called mount view resort where boating and swimming can be done.


The waterfall remain over crowded from morning, people come there in huge number, place remain dirty due to too much of crowd and parking is problem too.

One more problem in Mussoorie is the roads which are too steep and cause lots of problem to the vehicles with smaller engine.

Due to over crowd traffic is a problem, hotel rent get double, food becomes expensive, hours of traffic is generated and creates too much of pollution.

From Delhi, NH58 straight away take to Roorkee and Haridwar via Muzaffarnagar highway but crossing any of Delhi border is always a task. Muzaffarnagar – Haridwar highway having ₹85 toll, but toll didn’t do justice, though the highway is two lane but there could be a pothole anywhere so be prepared and highway always remain on construction and later the highway becomes single lane. Lots of accident occur there. There are two ways to reach Mussoorie from Delhi, one is to come from Roorkee, but Roorkee – Dehradun highway condition of roads are very poor and communication of trucks are heavy. Second way is Haridwar – Dehradun highway which remain packed with traffic in all season


While coming back from Mussoorie, Dehradun can be covered. Main attraction in Dehradun is Robbers cave and Sahastradhara. Robbers cave is locally known as Guchchupani and it is said that Robbers use to rob and run via this cave which use to take them to different hideout places in Uttarakhand. Robbers cave is beautiful place, water flows between giant rocks with narrow space and in the end leads to waterfall. Further one can trek and can explore more. The entry ticket is ₹20 per head.


Sahastradhara is the place where Baldi River flows through the hilly terrains. People from far away come here specially to take bath because water here is sulphur abundant which helps to cure skin ailments.


History says this place was residence of sage Dronacharya (teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas) and he use to penance here in cave. The cave is known as Drona cave, when Dronacharya wife Kalyani gave birth to Aswosthama she didn’t properly feed him with her milk as Dronacharya didn’t have cow and cow milk. The clever child Aswosthama prayed lord Shiva, lord Shiva got happy and feed him with dripping milk from Shivling in cave.

There is also an amusement park called “JOY LAND” made on same hill where the cave is situated.

It’s better to park your vehicle little far before the bridge on river, their parking is expensive (₹100) but can avoid traffic jam at the main location and can save time too.

So going on any of these places from Delhi on weekend can be terrible.


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