NAITHANA DEVI TEMPLE: Curse to cattleman

Naithana Devi Temple is at Naubara District, Almora and around 385 km from Delhi. The Himalayan ranges looks so beautiful from the hill where the temple is situated.


The folk tale is famous about this temple.There was cattleman live in Naila village whose cow unlock on midnight and use to go to a shrine in midnight and give milk on it because Goddess has set up herself in the shrine. This bothered the cattleman and he once followed her and saw her doing all this. In rage cattleman smashed the shrine with axe. Later he got kod (necrosis disease) many people asked him what’s the reason for disease, he never told anyone except his son later the disease started spreading in whole village. One scholar of the same village had dreamt about the whole story and the solution was to establish a temple there for redemption and there by Naila village people promised that the cow’s first milk and the village’s first yield would be paid to the Goddess. Due to ill behavior of village Naila towards that shrine, Naithna village never had made direct relationship with any of Naila village members.


As the shrine was situated at Naithna village so it was named after that village hence called Naithna devi temple.  Goddess Naithna devi is  worshiped here in vaishnav avatar hence no animal sacrifice is allowed at temple premises, if done then goddess Naithna give punishment to the village in any form.


Shree Naithana Devi Temple is also worshiped in the form of Shakti Peeth.

That’s why the Uttarakhand is called the land of lords and yes it is true because each and every temple have its own story. Every village have their own gods and have their own way of worshiping.


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