Most of the places in Uttarakhand are unexplored. During summers Mussoorie get packed with visitors specially from Delhi which leads to hours of traffic jam. Hotels rate increases and parking is a problem too. Dhanolti is 24 km above Mussoorie and around 350 km from Delhi. Dhanolti is in Tehri district which is on altitude of 7335 feet. AdobePhotoshopExpress_fa2c5564b9914e8c999f3fab2711e21b
Dhanolti is very peaceful place facing Himalayas covered with ice. Himalayas become shiny gold during sun rise and reddish during sunset, the view mesmerize everyone. Whole Dhanolti is covered with Deodar trees, mountains everywhere are green. The small town is clean and well maintained. There are some camps where adventure activities like trekking, zip lining and campaigning can be done. Hotels and resorts are also there in every range of budget.WP_20160526_17_19_36_Pro
There is not much in small town to visit but the scenic beauty is worth. Eco-park is a big park fully covered with deodar trees. There are benches, rides, huts and zip lining inside. Entry fee is ₹10 per head. One can also have a tour of town on khacchar. Hawkers sell corn, ice-cream and other snacks outside the Eco-park. AdobePhotoshopExpress_992ede65d6e34d539a810979e1853638
Sirkhanda devi temple is an another attraction which is around 8 km from Dhanolti and is on altitude of 9015 feet. Vehicles go till the temple entrance and from there 0.7 km of stairs are to be climbed to reach the main temple which is at top of the hill. View from the top is beautiful, relaxing and so peaceful that only wind noise is audible. AdobePhotoshopExpress_89417211d66e4b2ca2198af4ef759cd7
Mythology about this temple is related with sati who was daughter of king Daksha. Sati married to ascetic god Shiva and Daksh was not happy with his daughters decision, so he didn’t invited his daughter and husband in grand sacrifice which he was doing for all devtas (deities). In rage sati threw herself onto fire which impure the sacrifice. She left her body at that moment and reborn as goddess Parvati later. But lord Shiva was in grief at loss of his wife, so he lift her body over his shoulder and start tandava (dance of destruction) in whole heaven. He was not about to stop until the body is rotted. Other gods in heaven have fear demolition so they requested god Vishnu to pacify him, so god Vishnu followed god Shiva and destroyed the corpse of Sati with his sudharshana (discus). With this god Shiva sat down and started mahatapsya (penance). According to myth 51 pieces of sati’s body fell down and those places are called shakti peethas. The spot where the head was fallen is known as surkhanda devi temple. AdobePhotoshopExpress_44d23c3f79ac4deeaba61741676bb5b1
While trekking carry water bottle which will overcome the oxygen supply and medicines for vomiting and thin air problems.
Try to come back before evening because trekking in night can be risky as stairs will not be visible and temple way is steep.


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