JAMBUDWEEP: A holy Jain campus

Hastinapur is at a distance of 120 Km from Delhi.
Sign board has fallen so be aware of the turn to be taken on highway for Hastinapur.
There is lots of history associated with Hastinapur.
According to Mahabharata this place is birth land of 100 Kauravas the Mahabharata villains. In later stage many rulers ruled this place. Apart from this it is believed to be birthplace of three Jain Tirthankara. And in the memory of these three Jambudweep is made. There are total 17 temples inside. Lotus temple, Teen Murthi temple, Rishabdev Shantinath temple, Vasupujya temple, Om temple, Aadinath temple, Sehastrakoot temple, Bees Tirthankara, Navgarh temple, Meditation temple, Terhadweep temple, Astapad temple, 24 Tirthankara temple, Sumeru Parvat, Teen Lok temple and Badi murthy. Jambudweep is the campus where everything related to Jain culture can be known. AdobePhotoshopExpress_fd82f722649a4ce0acbd3f3257ad0198The large campus gate is known as Kalpvriksha gate, just after the entry on right side there is book stall from where more data can be fetched about Jainism.
After that there is Lotus temple which is very well sculpted and is in shape of lotus flower.
Aahar Mahal beside lotus temple is the place where statue of Jain god Rishabdev taking meal is placed. It is said Rishabdev took his first meal after 1 year 39 days from his birth at the palace of king Shreyansh of Hastinapur. AdobePhotoshopExpress_22ff4f6a9aa945c5ad78b5c6280d10e4
Then there is Terahdweep where 2127 Jain statues are worshipped. Rishabdev pillar shows the birth history of Rishabdev the son of king Nabhiraj of Ayodhya.
Teen Lok Rachna is big tower in the shape of joined hands and have six floors consisting of Adholok (7 hells), Madhyalok (with islands and oceans) and Urdhvalok-16 heavens. There is an electronic lift which takes to the top floor and have operating charge ₹10 per head. There are numerous idols and paintings explaining the facilities and punishment based on human karmas. AdobePhotoshopExpress_ec3bd4b88c614739906eeb8b079e54fe
Sumeru Parvat have its own importance it said to be center of earth, orbiting it is holy. Circling Sumeru Parvat can either done by boating or elephant ride which cost ₹10. One can go at the top of Sumeru tower, the view from there is breath taking. Whole Hastinapur can be seen from there, the way Jambudweep is designed is really impressive. Astapad temple consist of 72 Jain idols. Hirak jayanti express gives picturisation of  16 birth land of 24 Tirthankara and there is videos show describing the Jain religion. Entry ticket for Hirak Jayanti is ₹10.AdobePhotoshopExpress_76db3f9095494c0e9b2fd668034e7fd8
There is one more Astapad temple which is situated outside the campus having 151 feet height and is maintained by Swetamber Teerth trust. Going on such a height is itself a task, temple have large number of windows for proper ventilation.
Avoid going in sunny days because floor tiles get extremely hot.


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