ROCK GARDEN: A place of art

Chandigarh is very clean city and is 250 km from Delhi. Traffic police are aware and rules are strictly followed here.City is well known for food courts and mainly for malls. But apart from this there is much creative to see in this city that is Rock garden. This sculpture garden made by Nek Chand.


The entry fee is ₹ 20 for adult and ₹ 5 for kids.Parking there cost ₹ 20.Garden is situated near sukhna lake and nearby there is high court. This garden always remains over crowded.Whole garden is made of scrap and waste materials such as bangles, tiles, stones, clay, mud etc. Garden is full of art work.


From the entrance there are some narrow pathway inside the garden which creates excitement for visitors. The artificial waterfalls are made beautifully and are interconnected with some mechanism, there are stages near them to gather, sit and enjoy. There is a small well inside too. Everywhere there are caution boards reminding not to damage the garden and to keep the garden clean.


There are some points where there is chances of being lost inside, the direction are not given properly. And the entry passages are short in height too so mind your head. After these waterfalls there are aquariums with different spices of fish and then there are laughing mirrors. There is only one cafeteria inside where snacks are available. Further there is an open place where lots of swinging rides are there for kids. In the end of garden whole path is covered by sculptures of dancers, potters, monkey, children and many other. Walls and textures are painted well too.


Avoid going in sunny days because its too hot there, though trees are there but it’ll hardly make any difference and try to carry water with you because cafeteria is far inside from entry.


Over all rock garden is quite a nice place for picnic, specially for kids and respect is at the top for Nek chand for such a creative work with limited resources.


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