Apache RTR 180

TVS is having it’s own standard in the market. Apache is what made those standards for TVS.

Styling is nicely done. The racing RTR badge on handle sporty cluster panel providing lots of information like multiple trip meter top speed recorder and much more in blue lights. The day light running lamps gives it perfect instance. The exhaust note is unique.


Sitting posture of rider gets perfectly balanced with power to weight ratio. Chassis is lighter and yes throttle response is impressive in every gear. Gear box is tuned well, just shift the higher gear and enjoy the ride. It handles the low speed on higher gear easily.
Suspension handles the bumps well but the plastics makes noise which may annoy the rider. Brakes are impressive and act well. And ABS (optional) add to safety.


On speed up to 100 kmph bike remain stable and responses well in every aspects.
Though on higher speed bikes feel too light and if wind blows side wise rider may feel the imbalance.


Over all it is perfect value for money package. 16 L tank, 17.30 @8500 Rpm power and 15.50 @6500 Rpm of torque do justice to package.


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