Lansdowne is nice weekend destination, from Delhi it’s around 300 km. Lansdowne is very peaceful place most area is under Garhwal regiment and well maintained by army. Most of the places photography is prohibited.


Tip n top is at around 1700 meters of height and the view is breath taking, one can see the beauty of Lansdowne from there. And small distance away there is Darwan singh museum which is all about Garhwal rifle’s achievements, gun rifles, paintings and uniforms of that era is show cased, the entry fee is Rs.50. Nearby there is parade ground and war memorial which is not open for general public. Then from Lansdowne one can go Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple which is around 40 km from there. It said the demon Tarkasur worshiped god Shiva and asked for the boon of immortality. God Shiva gave him the boon under the condition that only God shiva’s son can kill him. Tarkasur accepted the boon under this condition with the thought that God Shiva follows vairagya (detachment from earthy things and emotions). Tarkasur started killing innocent saints and people which made God Shiva to marry Goddess Parvati and later there son Kartik killed Tarkasur. Before dying Tarkasur requested God Shiva to attach his name with the temple where he meditated and hence the place is known as Tarkeshwar mahadev. The temple is surrounded by Deodar trees and thousands of bell encircle the temple which is offered by devotees.  The place is perfect for meditation.

There are not much places to visit in Lansdowne so the location of hotel and resort will be an important part of expenditure, try to get the resort at outskirts of the city.


Trekking can be done to visit nearest waterfall, forest are dense and animals like pigs, monkeys can be seen. Going out in night is not advisable. Bonfire near hotel can make your night and can do adventure activities like rope climbing and zip lining.


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