Working days in metro cities makes people very tired, people hardly get time. But a weekend holiday can cover up. Kasauli is nice place near Shimla Himachal. Reaching Kasauli is very simple, from Delhi it’s around 320 km. Delhi Chandigarh highway NH1 is very well maintained and stretched up to 250 km, from Chandigarh up to Shimla roads are classic to drive but for Kasauli one should not go upto shimla there is left turn towards kasauli from Dhrampur, from there roads are in poor condition but fortunately the drive is not much.

Kasauli is actually Airforce cantonment area maintained by Airforce people. Entering Kasauli you have to pay charges to the authority for the maintenance of the city ₹20 for bike and ₹50 for car.


There are many resorts, hotel and even home stays in Kasauli in almost every range. Unlike other hill stations Kasauli is also having mall road for shopping local products though there is nothing specific or famous to purchase over there. There are different points to visit like suicide point, lovers point and sunset point. To reach these points one have to trek a little which is bit adventure.


In center of the city there is one church which contains Spanish and Italian imported stained glass windows. The city is very clean and well maintained by Airforce people. But there are lots of monkeys around, avoid eye contact and don’t mess with them.

Kasauli is also famous for Manki temple which is 4 km drive from kasauli bus stand. Manki temple is situated in the premises of the main Airforce base so electronic items are prohibited inside. There is locker facility for ₹50 at the entrance where electronic items are to be submitted. Later to reach temple which is at the top of the hill stairs are made. According to Ramayana when Lord Hanuman was returning from Himalayas with Sanjivani Booty (magical death defying herb) his foot touched Kasauli hill top and hence the hill top is in shape of his foot. The view from the temple is mesmerizing. Just stand and take long a breath you’ll feel the sands of time is been stopped by the beauty of nature.

Not allowing the electronic items somewhere is good, because now a days everyone is busy capturing moments around rather than feeling them.


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