Chevy Beat: Means you are specific

Chevrolet Beat is quite a nice looking car when it comes to styling but from inside you’ll definitely feel claustrophobic, space is too tight on rear seats and the shoulder lines are high with small windows on rear but the door handles on rear are cool which are situated just beside the window. Space is good for knick-knacks in front, both the doors have  bottle holders too. Dash board is quite interesting motorcycle type cluster meter looks good and even ambient lighting  in all the switches on dashboard are nicely finished which gives premium feeling which is better than its rivals in the segment.


Chevy Beat is having nice build quality no doubt but the weight can be felt when you rev hard and engine shows its drowsiness to deliver power (79 bhp @ 6200 RPM) . Mid rev range gives nice power specially in 4th gear. On hills engine struggles too, torque (108 Nm @ 4400 RPM) takes time to kick in. Clutch is bit sensitive which sometime leads to stall the engine in lower Rpms. ABS works well and gives confidence on higher speeds. Chassis is well balanced and enhances the stability. Suspension are stiffed which helps to corner very well but leads to noise in cabin even on small pot holes. Cabin insulation is nice, filters noise very well except the suspension noise. Steering is tuned well and give near about perfect response on both low and high speeds.

Build quality and stability is the strong point, if this is what in your specification than this could be the best choice.


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