Honda CBR150: first drive review

Honda tried to give all of sports in affordable price tag. Honda CBR 150 looks very much similar to its predecessors. Sports engine cover sculpted very well on chassis, decals looks perfect, light weight (138kg) and aggressive front can definitely fill anyone with joy of power.

Six-speed gear box is smooth and engine is quick in early revs and will excite you to push hard but when you go for it, you’ll feel the lethargic nature of engine after midrange. The 150 cc engine gives all of its power till 5000 rpm later it struggles. Suspension are tuned well and gives better ride quality. Brakes supports a lot to handling and makes you confident on higher speed.

There are some loose holds like no pass switch, poor quality switches and boring cluster panel with digital speedometer and analog rev meter.

All smaller cons are ok when said affordable sports bike, for sure CBR150 will not disappoint the rider.


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