Honda Activa 125CC: The gearless bike

Overcrowded metro cities, work load, busy schedule everyone wants things to be easier and that’s why gearless two wheelers are trending now a days. And one of it is Hondas Activa.

Activa had already set a benchmark when it comes to gearless vehicles in Indian market.

Honda came up with various models in Activa according to customers requirement. Activa i, Activa 3G and the bigger one Activa 125.

There are still customers who prefer bike over scooty. They need bit of power, better suspension and some time off road skills too. To overcome this gap between bike and scooty Honda came up with Activa 125.

Activa 125 comes with digital speedometer, telescopic suspension, disc brakes, alloy wheels and Hondas HET technology for better mileage. And its not all, it can do what your bike can.


Styling is good. The chrome on the front looks similar to honda city front grill. There are two light modes and cluster comes with tripmeter and fuel indicator.

Though like others centre of gravity doesn’t lies in centre which lead to disbalance when riding with pinion but 125cc engine overcomes it. With the help of telescopic suspension (as in bikes) comfort is leveled up. Top variant comes with disc but combi brakes also do the job. Tubeless tyres are add on to machine which makes safety better. This Activa is lil heavier and looks bulky and feel more stable. Mileage is good but little lesser than other Activas. As HET focuses on reducing friction by using light weight engine components for better mileage.

In city traffic this Activa 125 definitely has capabilities to replace your bike.


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