TAJ EXPRESSWAY: Is it really way for speedsters.

Expressway came out with success to almost everyone tourist, businessmen and general public. It brought Tajmahal so close to Delhi even Shah Jahan could not have thought of.

The six lane expressway is short by 30-40 km from Mathura highway which is double lane. The traffic one have to face to catch Delhi-Mathura highway is breath taking while on expressway which is connected to Delhi by greater Noida expressway of 23-35 km traffic is no problem.


The moment you enter, will get broad long concrete stretch to drive on high Rpm sign board gives precise information and phrases written on them will either not bore the passengers. There are two or three public convenience (24*7) and petrol pump but food out there is little expensive. For night there are LED sign board which gives emergency information too. There are no light posts on speedway, reflectors do the job. Around every 10-15 km emergency help vehicle available to handle any situation.

But the question lies is it really way for speedsters, we tried to find out in this article.

The concrete road needs less maintenance, durability is more but creates less friction between tires which reduced vehicle stability. Concrete roads are rough causes tire wear out on faster rate. Most of the stretch is straight which can act as sleep hypnosis for drivers. No lamppost leads to poor visibility in night times. During extreme weather conditions such as foggy days whole of expressway is covered with dense fog due to Yamuna river beside and at that moment you’ll feel lame, confuse either to stop or keep going, how fast to drive, visibility would be 6-7 feet, avoid going on such a day. On expressway during summers nitrogen is advised to avoid tire bursting.


The construction of expressway definitely disappoints speedsters, so drive up to permissible speed (100 kmph) and stay safe.


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